Fifth Grade

Ancient civilizations are emphasized in fifth grade. A survey of world history from Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece is explored through the myths, writings, art, and architecture from each time period. A study of these important early governments would not be complete without a study of our own current situation. Therefore, the 50 States and a basic study of American government forms yet another block of themes. Writing becomes the focus in literacy studies as children are taught the framework for writing research papers. Skills include improving voice, conventions, word choice, fluency, ideas, and organization. Math studies revolve around mastering decimals, percentages, and fractions. Of equal importance are the study of mixed numerals, ratios and proportion, and data collection and analysis through graphing techniques. Geometry is also introduced, along with the metric system. In science, inquiry based learning provides the framework for studies in botany, open oceans, states of matter, weather conditions, erosion, and irrigation. The main lesson format also allows for integration of science and geography throughout the year.