Our students start at a very young age using Spanish in daily conversations, learning songs for greetings and good-byes, colors, telling time, and more. They also learn many useful Spanish expressions as they listen to stories both printed and personal with lots of pictures to make key words and expressions more memorable. This approach creates a low stress environment in which students are given the opportunities throughout the day to use their new vocabulary and oral skills. In addition to this, students will be given artistic opportunities and lots of movement to help make Spanish even more memorable.

In the upper grades (6-8) note-taking strategies are incorporated into their learning process. Students will start building their portfolios and notebooks, filling them with resources they can take with them to high school. Having taught at North Bend High School, our Spanish Instructor understands well what kinds of language skills will keep our students at the top of the learning curve once they enter high school.

Spanish Class
Students build vocabulary through regular practice in reading, reciting, and writing Spanish.