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Julie Graber’s Bio

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Julie Graber is a native Oregonian. Born and raised in North Bend, she attended both Portland State and Western Oregon University, earning a degree in elementary education with a reading endorsement. Julie has worked in many schools around Oregon, mostly teaching 2nd – 4th grades, but also as a reading specialist in Title I programs. Her interest in handwork has been a constant in her life. She recalls special childhood moments watching her grandparents craft in a variety of ways and learning the skills herself. In fact, it was her grandfather who was known to be the knitter in the family, making hats and matching sweaters for Julie, her siblings and cousins. Farmers and small town folk of his generation had to learn such skills as a means to clothe their families when times were hard. This appreciation for the history of handwork is key to Julie's interest in bringing such skills back to students in our schools. Julie is a co-founder and board member of The Lighthouse School and FOLS, and is the school's curriculum coordinator. She lives with her husband Ken, a choir director for the North Bend School District, and has two sons and a daughter.

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