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Odysseus (Odie) Frangopoulos’s Bio

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I was born in Santa Clara, California in 1971. When I was young, I lived in New York City; Rome, Italy; and Athens, Greece. At age eight, in the middle of third grade, my parents separated. My mother, brother, and I moved from Greece to Laramie, Wyoming where I lived through my twenties. I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor in American Indian studies. I traveled to Greece every summer to visit my father and other family. I moved to Neskowin, Oregon with my then girlfriend JenMarie in 2001. We married on the beach in 2004. We lived in Portland for a few years, and in 2009 our daughter, Zoe, was born. Soon after we moved back to the beautiful coast, to North Bend, where we have lived ever since. I have been working at The Lighthouse School since 2013, and I love it! Thank you.

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